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Jane travels to Germany!
First time out of Kenya, into a plane and out in the big world for the administrator of a hospital in Western Kenya!  Not to be daunted, Sister Jane, a Fransiscan nun, travelled to Germany to take part in the School of Work run by Byron Katie. Having been introduced to the Work in February 2010 by Margot and Clodagh, Uzima sponsored her to attend the school for 10 days in August.

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Welcome to Uzima, New Pathways to Wellness

Uzima was established in 2004, to bring several healing methods to East Africa, methods that are easy to use, successful and very cost effective to treat a broad spectrum of conditions: traumas, physical and emotional conditions.

The Uzima Project is a combined effort of five active members, who share a love of Africa and a passion for holistic health and wellbeing. We are all Homeopaths and EFT practitioners and take a keen interest in the Work of Byron Katie.


Join the Zanzibar Challenge!!

Want to join us for the experience of a lifetime? We want to bring you on a cycling trip around the magical island of Zanzibar in September 2011. The catch? You need to do some fundraising and it’s well worth it! Check the Zanzibar Challenge 2011 page for inspiration and contact us for more details!

Uzima Zanzibar Challenge


EFT Trip to Tanzania, East Africa

Simple, totally free and portable, EFT is the perfect tool for Africa. At the end of June 2010, Clodagh and Margot brought 4 practitioners to Tanzania to help spread EFT to some of the poorest communities. 

During those two weeks, they gave free workshops to villagers of the Moshi region while training EFT barefoot practitioners. This was done in conjunction with the local community development officer and a local NGO.

They taught basic EFT to over 100 villagers, reached AIDS support groups and trained a dozen barefoot practitioners who will keep spreading the technique.
See for yourself by watching the video. More…  

EFT Trip to Tanzania

Visit to 4Kenia, the school of Homeopathy in eastern Kenya

Since the autumn of 2009 we have been sponsoring 2 young Kenyan women to become
homeopathic nurses at the school of homeopathy in Kwale run by a very inspired and dedicated Dutch woman.

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4Kenia Trip


AIDS clinics in Moshi

What an inspiration to accompany Jeremy and Camilla to their AIDS clinics in and around Moshi, northern Tanzania. Siobhan and Liliane ended their 3 weeks trip in Moshi last August where they witnessed the wonderful work undertaken by them for the last 2 years. More… 

Aids Clinic