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Whats new ?

Uzima is organizing an intensive 10 days training course with Jeremy in the summer/autumn of 2011.  This is a unique opportunity to work with an eminent
homeopathic teacher in a beautiful part of Tanzania. If you are interested contact Siobhan 045 864760 and watch this space for more details in the near future.

Book collection
We continue to collect homeopathic books to send to the school in Kwale. Now is the chance for all homeopaths to clear some space of books that are no longer being used! The students really appreciate our contribution.




Homeopathy is a low cost and effective method of restoring health and well being. It was founded in the early 19th century by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann and is a complete system of medicine that has been proven very effective in the treatment of many
types of ill health. The results from homeopathic treatment, although gentle, can be powerful and long-lasting.

Homeopathy uses naturally occurring substances in the form of remedies to stimulate the body's own healing power. A wide variety of substances from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are used to make remedies.

Homeopathy is holistic and personal whereby a remedy is carefully chosen to match a person's individual physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. The remedies are safe and have no side effects. Homeopathic remedies are also safe to take with conventional medicines. The remedy stimulates the immune system thereby reducing a person’s susceptibility to disease. 

Over 30 million people throughout Europe use homeopathic remedies. Due to its low cost homeopathy is ideally suited to developing countries. It has been used throughout India for decades by millions of people as their first choice of healthcare. To a lesser extent
homeopathy is also used in Africa and there are several dedicated Western and African
hoomeopaths working at spreading this form of medicine in the poorest areas.

We in UZIMA respect the contribution of conventional medicine in the provision of healthcare and recognize that every system of medicine has its strengths. We are particularly interested in helping to introduce homeopathy to societies deprived of mainstream health care and who would benefit greatly from a low cost, simple and effective therapy. We recognize that people have a right to choose their health care system, and often people in these countries have a limited access to health care, for a myriad of reasons.

Through UZIMA we support homeopathic projects involved in both the training of student homeopaths and in the delivery of health care in Kenya and Tanzania.
We now sponsor 3 students to become homeopathic nurses at the 4Kenia School in Kwale, south eastern Kenya . We support two homeopaths who are working in northern Tanzania with people who suffer from HIV/AIDS . We also assist a Tanzanian homeopath who has been successfully treating thousands of people suffering from malaria; his project has been fully endorsed by the Tanzanian Government.



4kenia is an inspiring project based in Kwale, 30 kms south of Mombasa. Since 2007 it has been training 16 boarding young women each year to become homeopathic community nurses. The 3 year diploma course is recognised by the Kenyan government. In 2010 the college also opened its doors to day students, both male and female, who do not board at the college and are self sponsored.

The project is involved in empowering young people through homeopathic education of the highest standard. It also teaches other life skills such as nutrition, councelling, sewing, driving, swimming, first-aid, entrepreneurship, business and project management, offering the students the hope of a better future. They are supported and nurtured by other students and the amazing teaching staff.

The project has a permanent clinic on the premises which offers very low cost homeopathic treatment to the local community as well as giving supervised practice to the students. The college also provides an outreach programme through mobile clinics in the area.

The college director is a Dutch woman who lives permanently in Kwale with her family and  the principal is a Kenyan homeopath. Many of the teachers are Kenyan and the college also welcomes visiting international teachers. The first students graduated in September 2010; all successfully and proudly passed the college exams and also an exam set by the Faculty of Homeopathy UK.

How are we involved?

In 2009 we committed to financially support 2 students for the duration of their studies and in 2010 we started sponsoring another young woman. We donate €600 per student per year which covers half the cost of their education, food, lodging and other activities.

In September 2010 we sent a container of much needed new and used homeopathic books collected from the homeopathic community in Ireland. Many thanks to all who so generously contributed.

For more information on this great project go to

AIDS clinics in Moshi

Uzima has been supporting Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) since it was set up and begans its work in Moshi, northern Tanzania in November 2008.
Run by Jeremy and Camilla, HHA aims to bring relief to HIV/AIDS patients through
homeopathic treatment. Such is the demand for their service that HHA went from 2 to 8 clinics in Moshi and villages in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. HHA has partnered with 2 local NGOs who support PLWHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS) and has gained the full support of local authorities and from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.
HHA has treated over 1,000 patients to date, most of whom are HIV/AIDS positive. Most patients are on ARV (anti-retroviral therapy) and homeopathic remedies have been found to lessen the side effects of these medicines as well as improving the patients’ level of health. In fact the improvement in the patients since commencing homeopathic treatment is impressive with improved levels of energy, less opportunistic infections and measurable increases in their CD4 count.
HHA also provides patients attending the clinic with a nutritious meal as, despite Moshi being a very popular tourist destination for people wishing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the level of poverty, ill health and poor nutrition amongst the local population is shocking.  

As well as providing free homeopathic clinics Jeremy and Camilla have also set up other projects which complement their holistic approach to health. For more information please see
How Uzima is helping HHA?

From the onset Uzima has provided local knowledge, assistance and support to Jeremy and Camilla.  We have also donated funds to help Jeremy and Camilla run their clinics and the childcare facility. We sponsored them to travel to Kwale to teach at the school of
homeopathy in October 2009 and we also support a HHA Tanzanian student homeopath who started studying in Kwale in September 2010.

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