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"From a Vision to TIAM and on to UZIMA"

Margot lived in Tanzania for three years and had always wanted to go back bringing some skill she could share in the country she had such a fondness of. During June 2003 Margot and Marguerite visited Tanzanian where they met Siegsbert, the only homeopath they could find. They were so impressed with Siegsbert’s very active and busy Clinic in Dar es Salaam and his plans to build a School of Homeopathy that a commitment was made to support him as much as possible in his project.

During 2004 seven homeopaths with the same vision came together and TIAM was formed.  
In order to raise awareness and needed funds for the ongoing building of the School of
Homeopathy in Dar es Salaam, Margot and Kate visited Tanzania to film the documentary The Tanzanian Homeopath.
Also during 2004 Ann and Margot, together with Sigsbert, develop the curriculum for the school of homeopathy in Tanzania.

Uzima History

Renee, Clodagh and Margot go to Zanzibar and research and plan the Zanzibar Challenge as a fundraising possibility. They also visit the school to see what progress has been made on the buildings.

The first Zanzibar Challenge. 13 people, including 3 children, cycle around the island of Zanzibar to raise funds for the development of the school of homeopathy in Dar es Salaam

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2007: The second Zanzibar Challenge. 9 people, including 3 mother/ daughter teams take up the Challenge.

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Margot and Siobhan go to Moshi and assist Jeremy set up home and practice.

TIAM obtains charitable status.

Meeting with Sigsbert in Tegeta with regard to legalizing the status of the homeopathic school and with Jeremy in Moshi. A new and important focus of the organization is developed during this year and that is to actively bring other energy healing modalities, particularly EFT and The Work to places in Africa. Margot and Liliane hold EFT clinics and do research on the potential for EFT development in Tanzania and Kenya.
In September TIAM sponsors 2 students to study homeopathy in Kwale, Kenya.

The name of the organization is changed to UZIMA, New Pathways to Wellness, to signify all energy healing modalities being spread anywhere in the world not just Tanzania.

Clodagh and Margot train a group of 20 nuns, nurses, community workers, AIDS advocates in Lwak, Kenya in EFT and also in The Work of Byron Katie in February.

A group of 6 EFT practitioners goes to Moshi to treat villagers and train barefoot practitioners in June.

Liliane and Siobhan do a follow-up visit to Lwak, in August, treating villagers & to Moshi, accompanying Jeremy and Camilla to their AIDS clinics.

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In August also Uzima sponsored a Kenyan Fransiscan nun to travel to the School of the Work in Germany.

In October we sponsored another student to study in Kwale bringing the number to 3.

In November Uzima shipped a container of much needed homeopathic books to Kwale.

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