EFT and the treatment of aids - a story by margot diskin

A few months ago, I was flying home and spending a few hours in an African airport waiting for my connection flight. I was going home after giving a series of workshops in Tanzania and I was full of the magic of Africa and the miracles that EFT can perform there. 
I was sitting in the departure lounge. I middle-aged black woman sat beside me and started a conversation. Africans tend to be very chatty and curious about us. She asked me what had brought me to East Africa, I told her I was involved in promoting healthcare and from question to answer, I explained to her that I knew a technique that often relieves pain in minutes. She then shared with me that she had a constant pain deep in her lung on the left side of her chest due to repeated bouts of pneumonia and had a hammering headache as we spoke and asked me if I could help her.

We were being called to board the plane, so I told her to look for me on the flight and that I would be glad to give it a try. To my surprise, shortly after takeoff, she came over to where I was sitting to avail of my offer to help her. Both pains subsided after a couple of rounds. She was very surprised, and of course I wasn’t, being so used to those astonishing results. 
Meals were being served and she had to go back to her seat. I didn’t think much about her again, and I was still munching on some apple pie while distractingly watching a movie when she came back to sit beside me again. She told me then that she had had that pain in her lungs constantly for years now, ever since her first pneumonia and she couldn’t believe it was gone just like that. She asked me: ‘Can you do something for somebody with a serious blood disorder?’ I answered, ‘Well, I can certainly try!’

This is when she proceeded to tell me her story. A good few years ago, she was abducted by four men who raped her and left her for dead. She suffered from multiple injuries and was deeply traumatized for years after that, experiencing panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia and all the common signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She somehow managed to overcome this state to discover about 2 years later that she had been infected by AIDS as a result of the rape.

She was getting emotional at that point so I started tapping on her for what turned out to be a very deep session. We dealt with the guilt, the shame, the deep distrust in men, the feeling of isolation, of being soiled and unworthy, of being different and misunderstood by her own people.
I asked her to describe how she perceived the disease in her own body and she told me that it felt like all her internal organs where covered in some kind of a green scum so with tapping, we cleaned the scum and ‘installed’ a permanent clear fountain whose healing water would flow continuously over her internal organs, cleansing them, soothing them, and nourishing them. 
We then did a few rounds to strengthen her lungs after the repeated bouts of pneumonia, and reinforce her immune system and another few rounds to reduce the side effects of the AIDS medication.  

We had traveled together to that place where time and space seem to stop to exist, completely forgetting that we were suspended in the air at about 30,000 feet with other passengers who were probably looking at us with bemusement and curiosity.

Who cares? I could see the healing effects of the tapping happening in front of my eyes. She was sighing, relaxing, and starting to feel drowsy from the treatment, always a good sign. 
I spent a couple of minutes sketching a human face and body outline on a piece of paper with the tapping points and jotted down the EFT basic recipe. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch. She went back to her seat. I walked by her a couple of times during the rest of the flight and she seemed to have sunk into a deep sleep. The plane landed, I had to run for my connection.

This would not have been the first time I would have tapped on someone in an airplane… I have the reputation of tapping on everything that moves in the weirdest of places and situations. .. Yes, that was me you spotted…

I went back to East Africa the following August, roughly four months later and found her number stuck between the pages of my guidebook. I dialed the number, with little hope of getting a connection, as she was in another East African country and connections are often unreliable. To my surprise, she answered. ‘Do you remember me, I am that crazy mzungu woman who tapped on you during a flight’ ‘Of course I remember you! I have been practicing the technique every day since we met. I have never felt so well, my CD4 count has improved (a clinical, measurable sign that the AIDS is receding), I have reduced my medication, I am in great form and I have had no symptoms in the past few months, please come and visit me, I would like you to share this technique with my friends and colleagues, I want to repay you for your kindness.’

Going to visit her implied crossing a border and spending a good 20 hours on a rickety buckety bus on a dusty old road. My series of EFT workshops and sessions were over, I had a couple of days to spare before going back home. I made a quick decision. ‘Sure, expect me on Tuesday’.
I was very happy to see her, she had changed a lot and was radiating health and happiness. We did a couple more sessions together on small matters.

She gathered a few different groups of people for me to demonstrate EFT to and we are now being asked to conduct practitioners training with hospital staff and community development workers in the area, with a special focus on AIDS Support groups.

So did EFT cure her of AIDS? I don’t know and I can’t tell. All I know is that it helped her improve her quality of life, level of health and get a sense of peace while empowering her to help herself. I can’t wait to be back there and do more work on it…

With some help, we could put together some research with proper assessment of clinical and objective symptoms of AIDS and God knows what we will discover. Time will tell.